Gap Analysis

Fixing the fundamental mismatch

Gap analysis is a common procedure for determining needs and identifying problems before action planning. It helps to find the difference between the actual situation, that is the very now of the moment, and the situation that is expected, that is what we should have been. We have several surveys to accomplish the same, some of them are listed below

Culture Audit

To gauge the alignment with the School’s Vision and mission, their curriculum  academic standards, Student interaction and leadership, interaction with parents/peers and outer community

Team Effectiveness

In this survey, we check for the teaching effectiveness, being accountable and collaborating effectively with juniors/ peers / superiors.

Employee Value proposition

This survey is for measuring Teamwork, achieving goals, their tasks and duties and the work environment

Climate Survey

In this survey the main concentration is for Safety and hygiene practices, Innovative ideas and differences, Guidance and counseling and accessibility (principal/HOD/parents)