About Us

India – Guyana Chamber of Commerce, we are an organization committed to nurture strong business relationships between India and Guyana. Our organization India – Guyana Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), was founded with the motive to promote and facilitate Trade and Investment opportunities between both the countries.

The idea of India – Guyana Chamber of Commerce (IGCC), was conceived considering the need to build much stronger economic ties between India and Guyana. The visit of the President and Vice President of Guyana to India, along with a delegation of Guyanese business leaders, was a pivotal moment that highlighted the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our goal is to give businesspeople in Guyana and India a space to connect, network, and operate together. We work to open trade, investment, and joint venture possibilities in many industries, including energy, technology, and agriculture. We will be supporting our members with the tools and support required to be successful in the market through a variety of events, business forums, and trade trips.

At India – Guyana Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to promote the interests of our members and advancing the economic growth of both India and Guyana through its ventures. We invite you to become a part of our network and take advantage of the many benefits that our membership offers. Be it a small or large business, we are here to support you in achieving your goals and growing your business in these two dynamic nations.


To build prosperous community through partnership in culture and commerce.


To serving India and Guyana in regional businesses through advocacy, economic development, connectivity, culture & education.