Mr. David Fernandes

David Fernandes is a Business & Sports Executive who specializes in strategies, harmonizing processes & people to take Companies and Associations in growth & Sports achievements to the next level.

He leads, as Managing Director of Bounty Farm Ltd, the largest entity in the local Poultry Industry. A fast-growing fully integrated Poultry Producer that caters for 40% of the National Consumption of Broiler Meat in Guyana.
David’s secondary education began at the renowned St. Stanislaus College. His passion for agriculture led him to further pursue his studies at REPAHA, Guyana and then his Post Graduate studies at DTC Friesland, Netherlands in Dairy Management & Milk Processing.

His professional career began at Fairfield Investments Ltd, a rice growing, rice milling, dairy & beef production company, where he worked as Assistant Manager during his five years of experience. David then took up the mantle as Assistant Managing Director at Bounty Farm Ltd for the span of 30 years, a period which saw exponential growth in the company which stands today as the industry leader in poultry production in addition to its feed production and supermarket chain of four stores.

During his 30 years tenure, his work gained him traction & recognition for his involvement in many areas in the Agriculture Sector, where he was instrumental in the growth & efficient running appointed in the following as:
Director – Guyana Poultry Producers Association, Chairman – Guyana Marketing Corporation, Member – Public Service Committee Agri Sub-Committee
Giving back to his former college and to Agriculture Academics, he now is on St. Stanislaus College Board of Governors as Director and sits on the Guyana School of Agriculture Committee Board as Director.

With his passion for sports, David secured a spot as a player for the National Field Hockey Team representing Guyana between 1989 to 1995 in the Junior & Senior Championships in the Region, and retired from the competition as former Captain for the GCC Hockey Team. He is currently the President of the Guyana Squash Association and has been a part of the Board for over 10 years as well as being the Vice President for The Guyana Motor Racing Sports Club Committee for 5 years.

With the demand to lower livestock feed cost, The Tacama Gold Incorporation Soya & Corn Project was born and is backed by the Government of Guyana. The main objective of this company is to make Guyana self-sufficient in these production inputs and Bounty Farm Ltd is among several local investors working tirelessly to achieve this end.
In 2021 David Fernandes was appointed Lead Director & Chairman of the project.
David represents the John Fernandes Group as Corporate Representative for the Private Sector Commission.

The John Fernandes Group of Companies is the parent company of Bounty Farm Ltd of which he has been a Director in excess of 20 years.
In his personal time, David Fernandes enjoys an array of special interests. He is an avid Nature Activist, Photographer, Birder and has been well known for his talents and creative capabilities in Landscaping & Home Design by hobby.