Mr. S.P. Saju Bhaskar

Mr. S.P. Saju Bhaskar is the Founder and President of Texila American University and Founder of EKAA HRIM EARTH RESOURCES MANAGEMENT.

Mr. Saju has been involved with early-stage investments in the education sector for more than a decade now and has established ventures in the education field which provided the foundation and accelerated the growth of TAU. He has introduced the right kind of leadership at various levels to uplift TAU and its affiliates among the top global choices. His Vision, passion, commitment, creativity & inspirational stewardship have steered the organization manifold towards academic innovation, excellence, and global presence.

Mr. Bhaskar has launched EKAA HRIM EARTH RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, a consultancy, services, and management company, headquartered in Guyana. EKAA provides a wide range of services to operators in sectors such as Oil and Gas (O&G), renewable energy, infrastructure, health care, human resources, technology, education, training, and trading. EKAA has also developed strategic collaboration and partnerships with leading companies in the mining, construction and roadways sectors and employs 5,000 people in India.